Saturday, June 12, 2010

almond croissants

So I ended up going to bed at midnight then waking up the next day to tackle the croissants only to discover in the recipe that before baking you must leave the croissants to rise either overnight in the fridge or in a warming pantry for 1 - 2 hours and I didn't have overnight or a warming pantry so I just had to make do with a warm oven for 2 hours. That didn't work. So just to make do I baked them anyway till they were golden brown and now I have little random pastry things!

Tea party with croissants

I will be having un petite tea party for deux et plus tomorrow, and tonight I have started making almond croissants from 'Alison Holst's Bread book' the recipe can be hand made or use a bread maker so I have opted for the bread maker option! Here is lovely photo of how they should turn out.

I will post photos of the results tomorrow~!