Saturday, April 12, 2014

Non-Vintage Topics - My Puppy Mac

I own this guy. He's nearly 7 months old and it surprises me everyday how much I have gained from having him in my life. It's so different how I think about him now to how I thought about him when we first picked him up from the pet store.   

I have anxiety, I do not suffer from, I do not deal with and I am not ruled by anxiety. I just have it and have to live everyday knowing that small things may be a struggle.  It means that I'm not the easiest person to live with (My poor Mum) but it does mean that I am very aware of my emotions and of how well I will be able to handle any situation. I have found that from day one I have gone from strength to strength with my anxiety and its due to my dealings with Mac. When you own a dog you have to be very strong in yourself and you have to take on a calm but assertive (Thanks Cesar Millan!) mindset. Animals deal with instinct on a daily basis, because of the way they are and how us as humans have made them. They also very much rely on how a human feels as a way to act or react in a situation. 

When I first got Mac it was the anxiety of owning a puppy that made the whole thing very challenging, As I am a person who gets very easily overwhelmed by anxiety I went through the first month with many tears shed and arguments had (Again, Poor Mum) but without challenges life can't change and move forward. My anxiety has changed and I have moved forward in leaps and bounds which surprises and pleases me no end.     
If you own a puppy and are feeling down and worried and confused then you know that its not the puppy that's causing the grief, its that you can't seem to control this small, or big, fur ball and you so want to just enjoy the process. Puppies are such hard work, It can be really overwhelming but if you just understand that and give yourself time then you can be a great dog owner. 

And Cesar Millan Youtube videos are a god send.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Youtube Tutorials so far

Howdy-Hi! Whats up people! I've been uploading videos to Youtube and so to recap thought I'd write a blog post about them to go into more detail. The first one I uploaded was a Disney/Pinup Makeup and Hair Tutorial  and I just went over how to achieve the look that you see all over instagram. I missed out the red lipstick which is a major boo boo on my part. Even a Pink shade would have been fine, It's mainly the shape not the colour that makes the look.

I then filmed a Von Follies Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial which I am quite pleased with. The only thing is the lighting could have been better and so now I've moved my film space to my bedroom and the next project I will upload is a Cloud 9 Conical Micro Wand Tutorial.

I'm quite looking forward to improving my videos and getting quality content uploaded so I can feel confident telling people I film Youtube Videos!

Have a good day guys!

Anna Miranda

Primary Colours - Outfit Post

Well hello there, How's it going?

I was feeling basic the other day so decided an outfit to reflect that was suitable. Its not particularly vintage but it is most definitely vintage inspired. Something I aspire too daily.

The top is vintage 1960s and made of 100% pure silk, the weather that day was quite warm so I remained cool. The pants are from Glassons and only $10 brand new, I ended up buying them in Green, Black, White, Blue (as pictured above) and two pairs in Denim. They are in size 10 and size 8 so if I gained weight I could still wear them! That's what happens when Glassons gets it right. 

The bangle is Bakelite and only $1 from a op-shop! I love it when that happens, Its so cute and simple but I get a nice feeling when I think how I could have paid a lot more for it elsewhere. The headscarf was $5 and is a chiffon/nylon one which was also second hand. 

Have a good day guys!
Anna Miranda

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy St Patricks Day!

This outfit is totally uninspired by St Patricks day but I can see myself wearing this or something similar to celebrate the occasion.

Mac the Spoodle takes a great photo, He seems to pose for photos.

Happy Belated St Patty's Day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Endings and Beginnings

Well, well, well, what have I done?

Quit my job to follow my passion of Vintage hair and makeup styling, that's what!

You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see how its all going, I hope it works out but the way I figure is if I fail I haven't lost out on anything and I can always get Accounts Payable work. But I realllllllyyyyy don't want too, Not just yet.

Here's some of my work so get a hold of me at for a booking.

Photographer -
Makeup - Laura Asmara - Makeup Artisté 

Photographer -
Makeup - Laura Asmara - Makeup Artisté

Photographer -
Makeup - Laura Asmara - Makeup Artisté

See you around!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Henna Hair Dye Experience

Hello all! Before I get into my Henna Hair dye experience I need to set the scene....

So too begin, I am a natural red head/ginger and had varying shades of ginger hair throughout my childhood, It would get blond highlights in the summer and darken in winter. When I was 16 I worked in a salon and went through several different colours from the ages of 16 to 20, I was able to pull off blond, brown and red. 
Then I wanted to embrace my natural hair colour so used hair colour remover and have pretty much had the same natural colour for the past 3 years. I went to get my hair permed about 2 months ago and that removed some more hair colour but for the most part my hair has been a gingery strawberry blond.  

I was then asked to dye my hair with Caca Rouge Henna hair dye from Lush for a show I was in but as I had not dyed my hair for some years I lost my knowledge and ended up with uneven colour in my hair. It wasn't noticeable to anyone but myself, although I also felt the colour was too orange so I went and bought Caca Rouge and Caca Marron and decided to try adding Blackcurrent and Apple tea instead of plain boiling water to see if that would add another element to the red. 

Here is my hair before adding the new batch of Henna:

You can see its Orange/Red on top but more my natural ginger underneath, So I hope my hair turns this sort of shade all over:

I think I just secretly want to be Christina Hendricks

Here are my instructions:

Step One: Boil the water and use approx 4 tea bags 

Step Two: Take two squares from each Caca Block

Step Three: Put in a glass bowl like the one pictured.

Step Four: Add Tea to the blocks and start to stir and dissolve the blocks.

Step Five: Lay down a sheet! It will get very messy
Once you've applied the henna you must leave it on for at least 2 and a half hours to get a really rich and beautiful colour. Some people leave it on for 6 hours while others 45 minutes (like one particular friend of mine) I left this on for 3 and a half hours and only after I took a strand and rinsed it to see what colour it was.

Now for the final result.....

These photos do not show the hair to its full potential but do give you an idea of what you are getting yourself in for. I will warn you that its most definitely adviseable to be prepared for an intense Orange Red so if you don't pull off warm tones you will not suit this colour.

This final photo is to show the colour it was before I applied the first coat of hair dye and I am soooooo pleased I decided to use the henna. My natural colour was an orange based red so this is way more preferable to the blue based reds you can buy at the pharmacy and supermarket.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What a Wonderful Weekend

Damn, It's been awhile hasn't it. How are you? I'm very good and am here to update you on what is happening with me this weekend. 

First of all I am styling some ladies hair for a Great Gatsby themed fundraiser along with the lovely Claire of The Vanity Case

I stole this from google cause I couldn't download the picture on the website!

I have started working for Claire at the Underground Markets held every Saturday under Frank Kitts Park. It's been so beneficial in helping me improve my hair styling skills, I just did some very satisfactory finger waves tonight for friends who are performing at the fundraiser so I can't wait to see how they hold till tomorrow.

Now onto some more brilliant news!!!!!

On Saturday I have a most exciting day planned, I am very lucky to be judging the best dressed competition at the inaugural Vintage-Orama!

If you are a fellow vintage lover with a flair for style please enter this and I shall be a fair and conscientious judge. I will also be singing as they tally the votes so even come to hear me sing! (Although I am a little sick and sore-throated so you will probably come and hear me try to sing!)

Before the competition I will be styling hair and doing vintage make-up with Claire at The Vanity Case stall so I know I'll be pooped by the end of the day, which is why I'm glad I will be relaxing by watching my friend Mahalia compete at a dance competition in Lyall Bay.


I hope I survive to blog another day!