Saturday, April 12, 2014

Non-Vintage Topics - My Puppy Mac

I own this guy. He's nearly 7 months old and it surprises me everyday how much I have gained from having him in my life. It's so different how I think about him now to how I thought about him when we first picked him up from the pet store.   

I have anxiety, I do not suffer from, I do not deal with and I am not ruled by anxiety. I just have it and have to live everyday knowing that small things may be a struggle.  It means that I'm not the easiest person to live with (My poor Mum) but it does mean that I am very aware of my emotions and of how well I will be able to handle any situation. I have found that from day one I have gone from strength to strength with my anxiety and its due to my dealings with Mac. When you own a dog you have to be very strong in yourself and you have to take on a calm but assertive (Thanks Cesar Millan!) mindset. Animals deal with instinct on a daily basis, because of the way they are and how us as humans have made them. They also very much rely on how a human feels as a way to act or react in a situation. 

When I first got Mac it was the anxiety of owning a puppy that made the whole thing very challenging, As I am a person who gets very easily overwhelmed by anxiety I went through the first month with many tears shed and arguments had (Again, Poor Mum) but without challenges life can't change and move forward. My anxiety has changed and I have moved forward in leaps and bounds which surprises and pleases me no end.     
If you own a puppy and are feeling down and worried and confused then you know that its not the puppy that's causing the grief, its that you can't seem to control this small, or big, fur ball and you so want to just enjoy the process. Puppies are such hard work, It can be really overwhelming but if you just understand that and give yourself time then you can be a great dog owner. 

And Cesar Millan Youtube videos are a god send.


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  2. This is a wonderful article, I found it very touching and emotive. Thank you :)