Thursday, April 3, 2014

Youtube Tutorials so far

Howdy-Hi! Whats up people! I've been uploading videos to Youtube and so to recap thought I'd write a blog post about them to go into more detail. The first one I uploaded was a Disney/Pinup Makeup and Hair Tutorial  and I just went over how to achieve the look that you see all over instagram. I missed out the red lipstick which is a major boo boo on my part. Even a Pink shade would have been fine, It's mainly the shape not the colour that makes the look.

I then filmed a Von Follies Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial which I am quite pleased with. The only thing is the lighting could have been better and so now I've moved my film space to my bedroom and the next project I will upload is a Cloud 9 Conical Micro Wand Tutorial.

I'm quite looking forward to improving my videos and getting quality content uploaded so I can feel confident telling people I film Youtube Videos!

Have a good day guys!

Anna Miranda

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  1. Why don't you post anymore u tube videos . I liked you hair videos :/?