Thursday, April 3, 2014

Primary Colours - Outfit Post

Well hello there, How's it going?

I was feeling basic the other day so decided an outfit to reflect that was suitable. Its not particularly vintage but it is most definitely vintage inspired. Something I aspire too daily.

The top is vintage 1960s and made of 100% pure silk, the weather that day was quite warm so I remained cool. The pants are from Glassons and only $10 brand new, I ended up buying them in Green, Black, White, Blue (as pictured above) and two pairs in Denim. They are in size 10 and size 8 so if I gained weight I could still wear them! That's what happens when Glassons gets it right. 

The bangle is Bakelite and only $1 from a op-shop! I love it when that happens, Its so cute and simple but I get a nice feeling when I think how I could have paid a lot more for it elsewhere. The headscarf was $5 and is a chiffon/nylon one which was also second hand. 

Have a good day guys!
Anna Miranda

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