Friday, June 22, 2012

Mid Winter Swim

14 Degrees Celsius with 40km/h Winds and I went for a swim at Oriental Bay Beach! As you do.

No, it was actually part of the annual Mid Winter Swim  that the Harbour City masters put on every year and as my mother and her partner are in the masters swim club I've joined them the past three years (Including this one) and frozen my butt off! 

Here I am wearing my What katie Did Togs that I picked up in their London Boutique, I love them because as a woman with little on top the padded bust is excellent! 

Delicious Muesli and a Latte!

We enjoyed a mulled wine afterwards and then got changed and a couple of friends and I went to Beach Babylon and enjoyed Brunch! So all in all it was a very enjoyable start to the day!