Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Beautiful Dresses - Part 1

I've decided to write blog posts on my favourite dresses, I'll research a little and bring back any information I can find on the brand and the history of the garment. 

Today's dress is a lace dress I bought from trademe for only $30NZD, it was listed as a wedding dress and I altered it so that I could wear it to my cousins's 21st birthday.

Orignally it was sleeveless and floor length but as you can see I shortened the hem and turned the excess fabric into cute little cap sleeves. 

I was so excited to wear it and so proud of myself for changing the look of the dress and making it more fun and sexy. 

Don't you just love the detailing? It was most definitely a 1960s wedding dress and homemade by a talented seamstress. 

And to finish this blog post I've been contacted by Kelly of Kiwi Womens Style to join in on what's known as Linking up! So go check out her blog and click on the add your link button at the bottom of her blog entry. Here's the link for the most recent blog entry! http://kiwiwomensstyle.blogspot.co.nz/2013/04/wardrobe-wednesday-shorts.html