Thursday, June 13, 2013

What a Wonderful Weekend

Damn, It's been awhile hasn't it. How are you? I'm very good and am here to update you on what is happening with me this weekend. 

First of all I am styling some ladies hair for a Great Gatsby themed fundraiser along with the lovely Claire of The Vanity Case

I stole this from google cause I couldn't download the picture on the website!

I have started working for Claire at the Underground Markets held every Saturday under Frank Kitts Park. It's been so beneficial in helping me improve my hair styling skills, I just did some very satisfactory finger waves tonight for friends who are performing at the fundraiser so I can't wait to see how they hold till tomorrow.

Now onto some more brilliant news!!!!!

On Saturday I have a most exciting day planned, I am very lucky to be judging the best dressed competition at the inaugural Vintage-Orama!

If you are a fellow vintage lover with a flair for style please enter this and I shall be a fair and conscientious judge. I will also be singing as they tally the votes so even come to hear me sing! (Although I am a little sick and sore-throated so you will probably come and hear me try to sing!)

Before the competition I will be styling hair and doing vintage make-up with Claire at The Vanity Case stall so I know I'll be pooped by the end of the day, which is why I'm glad I will be relaxing by watching my friend Mahalia compete at a dance competition in Lyall Bay.


I hope I survive to blog another day!


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