Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and so it begins...

It's another rainy day in wellington and I have just had a bath, I tried a lukewarm bath instead of a hot bath because after reading different advice from the internet it said that a cooler bath is better than a hot bath, something to do with your own body heat matching the cooler water.


So I washed my hair, put in conditioner, put my hair inside a shower cap and put on my Wondercap Heatcap (http://www.wondercap.co.nz/). it has been ten minutes and I will now wash it out using cold water to close the hair follicle.

Once that has happened in will go my Redken leave in treatment and I will lightly blow dry my hair so that it is still damp.

Then onto the first go at a hairstyle in the Vintage hairstyling book by Lauren Rennells.

It is called " Cascading Curls".

So I've started off with my Redken product and have only blow dried my hair slightly because I will be sleeping in the pin curls.

Heres my fringe seperated out

Here I have started according to the directions a row at the base of my scalp.

This is my head all done,

So lovely and swirly!

And here is it after a night of sleeping in it and a day at work.

I put in the flower because my fringe didn't turn out the way I had hoped!

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