Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Different Ideas on What Era I dress....

in is something that happens most of the time, for example, today I was walking with family to a cafe wearing 3/4 beige pants, a light blue shirt with pussybow tie, low green heels and I had a head scarf covering my hair ( I had just washed my hair and put it in pin curls ) it was sunny so I also wore my tortoise shell Rayban sunglasses.

Now from this outfit I wore, I thought I could safely assume comments about 40's or 50's would crop up, but a lady speaking to her daughter said "Now dear, thats what you call 1920's style"

I find that just a little bit odd, but as 1920's is an era I know only a little off perhaps she is speaking from a point of view that I haven't been privy to hear.

Somehow I doubt that, but I was wondering how often does this happen to you people out there in blog land?

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