Monday, September 19, 2011

My Wellington - Opening Credits

Here is the first installment of My Wellington series on the different areas in wellington that I like!

What do you like to do when you first arrive to a new country or city? For me its go shopping, whether its for gifts to take home, good coffee or new clothes for myself! I always go to the internet for info or if I'm very lucky I meet someone who knows something about the area I'm going. This post will combine the two.

Wellington in a nutshell  
Wellington is made up of sections, you have the Courtney Place section, the Cuba Street Section, the Lambton Quay Section and the section that I (ashamedly) call the other Wellington.

Those sections explained
1. The Courtney Place section contains most of Wellington's restaurants, bars, and night clubs. Shopping really isn't a part of that area, not to say they don't have stores but in my experience it isn't worth thinking of as a shopping area especially for vintage.
2. The Cuba Street Section is one of my favourites - It has an excellent range of second hand stores with a range of prices that go up to the real investment pieces versus the more day to day things.    
3. The Lambton Quay Section contains modern brands and no second hand stores, Its good if you want to find great New Zealand Brands and Shoe Shops. 
4. The last section is something I will have to research,  its basically the other Wellington in my view. I have lived in one of the southern suburbs all my life and it is to the North - pretty much the opposite side of the city - Its spread out and I will be visiting it to get a comprehensive view.

See you later with another installment!!!

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