Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fruit Picking at Penray

I was invited to go fruit picking this weekend to celebrate the birthday last weekend of my friend Lucy.

It was a stunning day with a light breeze and the strong New Zealand sun shining down on us, I'm really glad I bought my hat because even though we weren't out all day there was still a risk of burning. 

I came across some lovely horses at the edge of the gardens and grabbed some fallen apples to feed them. We also grabbed handfuls of grass cause they didn't have much leftover from the dry weather we'd been having!

I got my friend Kristin to take photos of me and I like them but there is a hair loose that really irritates me!!!

Check out dem apples! 

I love this shot!

I really recommend going fruit picking here at Penray Gardens in Otaki, They have a huge selection and it's a nice day out with friends. Happy Birthday for last weekend Lucy and I hope you had a fun time, I sure did!


Pumpkin Patch

Strawberries, Unfortunately not for picking according to a sign next to the patch.

We finished the day with ice creams and Iced coffee at a cafe 5 minutes down the road. 

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