Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vintage Hat Hairstyling

As I've previously mentioned I entered the Miss Pin Up NZ 2013 competition and now I'm looking at deciding what to wear! Now part of this includes wearing hats and I may usually be seen with something in my hair whether its one of my lovely Fascinators made from a mans tie or a flower clip, but, hats have evaded my head. 

I would really love to wear them but finding a hairstyle to suit indoor and outdoor wear as well as one that will stay on in the Wellington wind is very tricky. 

For this competition though I've decided to wear a hat and it just so happens that the hat I purchased is one which I cannot name. I've tried googling different descriptions but nothing comes up in the images browser that answers my question.

So what I will do is post a photo of different hairstyles and the hat and if ANYONE knows the name please comment below.


The style I'll be attempting to recreate is based on these instructions

Go to

for the original and so many more!

I've modified this because I swear they had bigger heads then, They must have in order to fit all those pin curls on their heads! 

Here's my pin curled head

And here's the end result

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