Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My USA Vintage/Second hand Purchases

Hey! Ho! What do you know? I like vintage! 
"No Way" you say, well duh 

I mean just look at me, I'm a walking op shop (even some of my undergarments are vintage*, ooh gasp!)

I think I enjoyed my trip the most because every item I bought will now be one of a kind but also from places like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Munich, New York, San Francisco and London. You can't get more exclusive than that! 

Person "Hey thats a cool dress, where did you get it from?"
Me "Oh its vintage AND its from Paris" 

Shame on your face


This Jacket was bought from Decades of Fashion which was only one of two vintage stores I had time to visit in San Francisco, I've pretty much decided I'm going back to San Francisco to shop only in the Haight Ashbury part of town because there will be so many beautiful items to find. Decades of Fashion is well worth a visit even just to look and touch all the amazing things, but shopping is definitely recommended! 

With New York I had made sure to do a little bit of research and found this great place called Auh2Oh Vintage. Its also close to a great Coffee bar called Abraco so its definitely worth a visit if you feel like a good coffee.

The shop was underwhelming when I turned up but after looking around I got a few really good pieces and I would say its definitely worth a look because the prices are so reasonable. The necklace above was $40 USD but in terms of the quality of the piece it was priced reasonably compared to what I would pay for it here in NZ!

I also bought some really simple, cute sweater clips and a Scarf that was so thick and warm it was more like a pashmina. It came in handy on the trip!

Here I am wearing the scarf in Paris

Later on during the day I decided to walk to the Parsons School of Design to check out some more of the city and I stumbled upon an amazing store called Beacons Closet . I had never heard of it and I am so pleased I went in because I spent the next 2 hours just trying clothing on and deciding on what pieces to buy because by that point I was running low on funds. I decided on a pair of Alexandre Herchcovitch for Melissa Purple Brogues which are made from gumboot material!

Overall I was pleased with the vintage/second hand items I bought and I urge you to check the stores out next time you're in those places. I have better photos coming also on the blog because I will be buying a proper DSLR camera in the next few weeks. Get ready for some outfit posts!!

*Disclaimer, my undergarments are all dry cleaned and not stained from previous use, despite what you may think vintage underwear is not dirty and has usually lasted because no-one has worn it or they have worn it but kept it in good condition.

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