Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Mini OE - Munich Part 2

So I ended the last blog with Kai and I having a drink in the afternoon on monday, What happened next was we went and looked around a little more and then decided to head back to Kai's place where we would prepare our dinner to take with us to a beer garden near Kai's house. Kai introduced me to Obatzda which is a Bavarian dip/spread you can have with Pretzels, Its made from Camembert, Butter, Cream Cheese, Capsicum powder (Paprika), salt and pepper and Kai put diced Capsicum into it also.

Check out the lay out!!

I have to confess that Kai was the one who prepared everything and should take all the credit for the amazing spread, I just went on the computor and blogged. 

Yummy apple and radish salad

It was all so appetizing and I am so pleased Kai was able to show me all the things he did as I learnt so much during my stay in Munich.

When we had finished up Kai and I went back to his place where Max met us to take me back to his place, The next morning Max prepared an excellent breakfast and I was loving the pretzels, butter and bread with every meal (or so it seemed)

My failed attempt at poached eggs
It was a really bad day and Max had to study for a assessment due that night so I ended up staying in most of the day watching QI on Youtube and I loved it! That is my kind of holiday, lying in bed all warm when there's thunder, lightning and hail outside and you can relax and laugh along with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and a raft of other excellent comedians.

Crappy weather, just like home ahhhhhh :)
I did get outside and go shopping where I found an excellent store called Kleidermarkt that was massive so I spent two hours shopping there, I'll have to show some of my dresses on this blog as I bought a gown that would be more suited to a really formal occasion and not Courtney place on a saturday night!

The next day we were able to get out because the weather had improved and Max had handed in his assignment the night before, He suggested we go for a drive to Tegernsee  where the  Herzoglich Bayerisches Brewery  was and have a drink there so we drove for about an hour, enjoying a really nice drive which included me getting a whiff of Bavarian countryside, us witnessing a convertible getting caught out in the rain and ending in a wander around the town and me getting chatted up by yet another old man who doesn't speak English or understand it, this time he was drunk :D (luckily Max could translate and talk to him) Despite not sounding great it actually was and I am glad I got out of the house and saw some more of Germany.

Later on in the day we had planned to meet up with Kai for drinks at a bar called Trader Vics which is downstairs from a very flash hotel so after getting ready we headed over but first Max took me to see Bavaria which is the name of a Statue of a Lady who looks over Oktoberfest every year, you can see her in the background with a Lion and she is the guardian of Bavaria. It was a massive space and you could see where different tents had marked out their space for during the Festival. I can't wait to go to back so I can enjoy the event! (and of course see Max, Kai and Laura!!)

We then met up with Kai and all had some delicious cocktails at Trader Vic's, which I would recommend to anyone who wants to try delicious cocktails in a really cool tiki bar. You can see Kai and I had our Hawaiian Shirts on so we could match the decor!

The next day I slept in and lay in bed pretty much all day watching QI, Luckily Max got me out of bed and we played a game of Squash which I was winning in until I lost my stamina and lost to Max. I'm really keen to play though so If you want to please challenge me to a game, I'd love the opportunity to play again. 

I sadly have no more photos to put in this blog so please bear with me and continue reading even though there will be no visual stimulation, I hope my words create a picture in your mind that is sufficient.

I was leaving in the evening to fly to London, so imagine me packing my bags trying different combinations in my checked and cabin bags equally until I found the right configuration and was satisfied with my efforts. Max and I had planned to meet Kai for lunch so I could see him one last time and we all sat down and enjoyed a meal and a drink in a bavarian pub, Once we said goodbye Max dropped me off at the flat and shortly after went to pick up his friend Ben who would be staying the night on the very comfortable blow up couch I had been using. The sun was shining and we went to the beer garden I went to my first night in Munich to enjoy one last Radler, after which Max, Ben and I went back to Max's flat where I got my luggage and Max took me to the airport.

I can say I really enjoyed my time and I am thankful to Max and Kai for taking the time to show me the best parts of Munich, they each made the experience an excellent and worthwhile one!

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