Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taipei in photos - Part 1

 Taipei reminds me a lot of New York but that may be because of the limited places I have visited. It does have that mixture of flora/fauna and dirty buildings that New York contains and the city at night comes alive with lights and people, just like New York. I've decided it's best to upload a blog post of photos so you can peruse at your convenience, Enjoy!!

The view from Duncan's flat
The view from Duncans flat

I was wondering down an alleyway and saw these flags decorating the street.

There are so many Motorbikes, Its most definitely the main mode of transport here.

Duncan and Alex, my brother and sister, were great company those first few days.

Just one of so many shops!

Duncan, Alex, Duncans friend Dallas and I crossed that bridge and walked up that hill 


Here is some beer we drank on New Years Eve in Duncan's friend's Japanese Barbeque restaurant, I had some amazing food that night!

Here I am with my best attempt at a 1960s look! I had so much fun that night and got to see some amazing fireworks from the Taipei 101 building.
Here is everyone just before Duncan, Dallas and I left for the house party where we saw the fireworks! 


Over the next few days I went shopping and took some photos in the park near Duncans flat.

A highlight from the trip was seeing the Pandas at Taipei zoo, They are so cute and move faster than I thought! I had this image in mind of slow sloth like movements because I've heard about them having difficulty conceiving! Definitely not the case. 

I will make another blog post because this one is way too long!!! 

See you later in Taipei in Photos - Part 2

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