Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taipei Treasure Hunt

Today I went op-shopping/Thrift shopping/second hand shopping. For ease I will call it treasure hunting as It really was its own experience, Just so you know I googled the place I went to today as this kind of shopping is not common in Taiwan. The building was not obviously a treasure location but once you went inside it showed its true colours. Its a multi roomed location full of antiques and old furniture, I would say it most resembles a white elephant sale to any Kiwis reading this. It wasn't bad just not what I wanted, I'm currently looking for my Out in the square outfit as I won't have time to get anything sorted when I get back to NZ and I had high hopes for this place. 

Here's the link, Its very close to the Guting Station and for anyone who wants to know more comment below.

Luckily I took photos of my outfit and I found an awesome coffee place close by!

You never wear shoes inside so here I am rocking my grandpa slippers I picked up for NZD $2 at a night market.

Unfortunately this was the only photo inside I was allowed to take!

Bu-bye, I'm off to get coffee!!

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