Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My mini OE - Final three days of New York

I've decided to play catch up by entering three days worth of activites into one blog entry as i'm going to be flying to London tomorrow and I don't want to worry about New York posts while i'm in London. On Sunday morning I had a lie in then got dressed for a walk in central park.

I could have spent my whole trip in central park, its that beautiful. It was a lovely sunny day and I enjoyed people watching, you learn things that way, like if you want your name on one of the park benches it'll set you back $5000 bucks.

I saw fathers fishing with their children, artists painting the many different sights surrounding them, friends throwing a frisbee and others cycling. It was so nice and peaceful, one lovely extra was you also got to see a lot of squirels and birds living amongst an unnatural environment. Here are some snapshots of what I saw.

Once I felt my stomach rumbling I decided to go to the Garden of Eden, a store that sells food made on the premise. They have salads and hot food as well as fruit and vegetables and all kinds of supermarket items.

I didn't know we were that cheap!
I then caught the subway to the city and spent the rest of the day walking around and taking it all in
On Monday I started off a visit to the Muesuem of New York to read about the history of this great city. I learnt so much about the way the city has had so many challenges but mainly due to the people it keeps recovering.

I then continued as I had on Sunday and walked around the shops and stalls and people Downtown, finishing the evening with a Broadway show!

Finally today I wanted to tick off some things on my list before I left, they were go up the empire state building, find a decent cup of coffee and buy some second hand/thrift shop things. I succeeded in all those things to my amazement because I was so tired and a little bit lonely. I cant wait to see my friends in London and especially my brother Duncan!

Heres a few more photos to finish off, thank you New York and ill see ya next time!

Finally a decent cup of coffee!


Goodbye New York!

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